“After a year of a friend saying to me try Kinesiology I finally made an appointment and haven’t looked back. Nicole was very reassuring on my first visit as I come from a Christian upbringing and was concerned about the history and beliefs of Kinesiology – I was pleasantly surprised. For my first session we tackled my fear of failure and what a difference, after balancing Nicole gave me Support reading material which I made a mental note of and regularly put in place as the need arose. My confidence grew and I was able to identify situations better and distance myself where I would usually just get upset. For my second session, I had a better idea of what to expect. Nicole did a general balance and it is amazing to see what your body is holding on to and fighting behind the scenes. The change isn’t instantaneous but a slow exciting process which I am still amazed by and oh so grateful for.”


“Kinesiology has helped my 8yr old son. With the pressures of combining schoolwork and a hectic sports schedule, Nathan has elevated energy levels, and
feels well rested after his sessions with Nicole.
After each of my “balances” with Nicole, I feel less frazzled trying to juggle being a Mom and running my Décor shop.
I love how Nicole reminds us how to find the JOY in everyday and to always do what feeds your soul!
Thankyou , love Tracey”
Tracey Beaumont, Touchwood interiors


“I made an appointment with Nicole of Harvey’s Health because I was suffering with burn-out. I had become a work-a-holic and this had not only left me completely depleted of all physical energy, but I was emotionally exhausted as well and this along with my long working hours had obviously taken a very negative toll on my young family. I had got to the point where if I couldn’t “sort myself out” I would have to give up the career I loved in order to “save” my family. Secretly, I really wanted to have” my cake and eat it” as the saying goes. You see, I was hoping that someone like Nicole, with experience in both nutrition and kinesiology, would be able to help me achieve this. Well, I made a commitment to seeing Nicole once a week and I am still doing this! Not because, I have to anymore – the burnout is behind me, but because I find the sessions so incredibly beneficial and I truly feel the difference if I miss them! Nicole has quite literally helped me find the balance in my life, she has helped me to understand ‘why I am the way I am” and that that is “okay’, we just need to’ work with it’ and “balance it”. She continues to help me deal with issues. I am no longer exhausted or frazzled; I am much calmer and successfully achieving my career goals. I have to say the most significant difference has been in my personal life with my family! My husband is so much happier as my priorities are now in place and my little family is bonding beautifully with “mommy back on track!”
Lara Edmonds Just Boutique Marketing & Events.


“When I came to see you in February 2010 not only was my heart
heavy, but I also just started a diet….. I have been battling quite
a bit to lose some weight since I have stopped smoking – 3 months
prior to our meeting. When you asked me why I was there – I
mentioned weight loss as well as emotional issues. Within a week, I had
clarity w.r.t. a relationship which gave me endless issues and now – 3
months I have lost 14 kgs and my overall health has improved.
I did diet, but I truly believe our session played a big part in this.
For someone who is skeptical – something very
interesting happened in our session and people have been introduced
into my life – which is starting to give me a better insight into things
I had no clue about….”
From M. in Durban.

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