Nutritional Therapy

Have you tried all the medications, vitamins and magic potions and still not had ANY success in getting to the root of your ailments, allergies or weight issues?

Did you know that the slightest changes in your diet and lifestyle could make the biggest positive differences in your health and wellbeing?DSCN3023

Maybe it’s time to take a different approach to your health and lifestyle and get your body back in balance the NATURAL WAY?

When it comes to nutrition I believe in a healthy natural, practical and sustainable approach. Fad “diets” and being obsessed with the bathroom scale is not the answer to a healthy body as I don’t believe they are sustainable or practical. The focus should be on balanced health and not weight.

Our lives are so fast and stressed and we seem to have adopted the same principles with our Modern Diet. The modern diet is all about convenient and fast foods, seriously lacking nutritional value. These days, supporting our bodies with good nutrition is more important than ever before! When we feed our bodies with empty calories we end up overweight with sick and tired bodies. Can you really say that you wake up every morning clear headed with vibrant energy and a positive outlook?

I would love to assist you on your journey to vibrant health!

Through Nutritional Consultations, I may be able to assist with:

Allergies, sinusitis, digestive ailments, hormonal issues, stress and anxiety, learning disorders, ADHD,   Burn-out,  Detoxification, Depression, and issues around weight and a range of other  conditions.

So what is a Nutritional consultation all about??

A nutritional consultation is an investigative process, which takes into consideration your diet and lifestyle to help get to the root of imbalance and help you obtain optimum health and vitality through improved eating habits, detoxification, correct supplementation and lifestyle improvements.

 Why Detox?

I feel detoxification is a very important part of ones journey to vibrant health. Our bodies ARE capable of cleansing, healing and detoxifying themselves however, when we are overloading our bodies, not only from what we are putting into them like; refined carbohydrates, sugar,  preservatives & chemicals, caffeine, alcohol, pharmaceutical drugs, and animal proteins with antibiotics & hormones. But also from external factors such as pollution, stress, not enough rest/sleep, not enough/too much exercise. This causes our bodies to battle and not function the way they should, because all the energy is focused on dealing with these toxins and finding way to get them out of the body. You can assist your body to eliminate toxins by applying certain protocols, supplements, resting your body and reducing or cutting out these stress causing substances. This would help your body function in a much better way and would leave you feeling full of energy and vitality to live your best life.

What to expect from a consultation?

Prior to the initial consultation it will be requested of the client to complete an extensive health questionnaire which needs to sent through to me at least a day before the first consultation. It is also important in the questionnaire that you supply me with full details of your nutritional supplements and / or any current medication.  The first consultation lasts approximately 1 ½ hours. During the consultation we will discuss your goals, as well as recommendation for change. An individualized program is then created to address areas of concern. The program will include dietary changes, education on label reading, supplementation, as well as lifestyle management strategies and whole foods preparation.

A follow – up consultation is encouraged usually 2-3 weeks after the initial consultation. In the meantime, back up and support is provided through telephone or email contact. The follow- up consultation lasts approximately 1 hour.

Recipes and other inspiration are also available on Harvey’s Health Facebook Page and Blog

How many consultations are recommended?

3 to 4 consultations are usually recommend. This will usually depend on how the client is managing with the changes recommend.



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