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harveys health new web Banner embrace life in abundanceHi my name is Nicole Harvey. I am a Nutritional therapist and Specialised Kinesiologist.  Natural health and nutrition has been a passion of mine since a young age and my focus, personally and professionally, has been on the health and well-being of the whole individual. For this reason I have specialised in both nutrition and Kinesiology which not only compliment one another, but enable me to help clients find balance in their lives on a mental, emotional and physical level. My approach is to build relationships with my clients and support them in their journey to living life in abundance in a way that is both practical and sustainable.

Through my work of nutrition and specialised kinesiology I may be able to assist with:

Allergies, sinusitis, digestive ailments, hormonal issues, stress and anxiety, learning disorders, ADHD, fears and phobias,  Burn-out,  Detoxification, Depression, Grief and trauma and other past or present emotional imbalances and issues around weight and a range of other  conditions.

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